Published another article. On my way to making it happen!

I got another article published on Pay is not good at all, but the month of May is all about laying the foundation to what will become my future career as a copywriter. I love to write and I had that aha moment awhile ago. I just wasn’t ready to commit to it until this year. I guess it took coming back to New Jersey to understand why I need to make it work now. Not only would this be a watershed moment for us as a family, we can get back to having a resource at home during the day to make sure things are happening the way they need to here. I am that resource. After 20 years of working for someone else, the time has come for me to work for me.

I am seeing many good jobs out there for part time bloggers. The time is now for me to start securing the work I need to make it happen. I also have some other articles to submit for publication. The money doesn’t matter in May so much as being able to build my portfolio so I can become more marketable as a writer. I have forsaken my writing ability for too long. The time is now for me to make it happen…


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