Getting the work schedule lined out

I’ve come to realize something that will be critical to my success. All the hours being spent away from working and commuting is valuable time I am not able to do what I want. That is to write for a living. I have outlined a separation date from my employer. Of course they don’t know yet, but they should. The job isn’t worth the aggravation. 50 hours at a minimum each week plus being on call after hours. There simply aren’t enough incentives for me to continue on with this employer past next month. My separation will coincide with a road trip so those two weeks away will be spent clearing my head and getting in the right frame of mind to deliver quality content.

I still need to identify sites where I can become a contributor. Then of course finding who will pay for my efforts. I don’t see working for pennies per word. But we all have to start somewhere right? I am also holding out hope that a better situation presents itself that will still allow me to be home based. Going back to an old employer has been suggested, but I’m not sure either side really has the appetite for a return. It would be fair to say I should have never left them. If the relocation that we planned worked out, I wouldn’t be in this situation now. In any case, that is on the shelf and I have to move forward. Moving forward begins with consistently writing blog posts here. It continues with separating from the current job and making time to source new opportunities. I will make it happen.

I hope my wife is as excited about this new challenge I am undertaking as I am. Ultimately, it will benefit everyone when it works out. No more eating dinner at 8:00 PM because that’s the way things are. And so now, I have to cut this post short…I have to drive an hour to go to work.


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