Looking forward to starting the process

Now I know this may sound like the same old thing. But I have actually been approached with a potential part time role as a contractor. Best thing is…it is a work from home role. I checked the company out and they appear to be legit. But they have some questions for me. The way I see it is this: this role can be the starting point of my career launch as an independent contractor. If I can get this in place, I would then have time this summer to blog and write articles to fill up my time as well as to complete the information I purchased from that writing work shop online. All this, if executed upon by me, would position me to work from home on a full time basis.

These are exciting times as far as I’m concerned. But I need to get the work lined up. Most of the writing gigs I’ve come across don’t pay squat so I can’t depend on those as a primary source of income. This is all the more reason for me to get something else in place like this independent contractor role with a language company to evaluate social media rankings. It seems like a pretty straight forward role and something that can be the basis for me to launch my career as a contractor. Again, a start and not the end all be all. I can’t imagine it paying all that much, but at this point all I’m after is something to be the amino acid to form the muscles needed for me to get this career as a contractor on track. I can see this helping me to secure other roles that can then get me to a point where I have enough of a critical mass built to both feel good about what I am doing and to also demonstrate to the lookers’ on that this isn’t another crazy scheme. There will certainly be more to follow. I am excited! I just hope it works out.


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