The intrusive nature of some employers

Did you ever notice the intrusive nature of your employment relationship? Where does it stop? First, it is the piles of work on your desk. Then the overtures to stay late or come in early to get more done. And in all of this, where did your lunch hour go? It went out the door with the rest of the work/life balance we all need to be optimally effective at what we do. And in a poor economy, some employers are playing all the cards they have to squeeze every ounce of productivity out of their employees. Is it fair?

I for one feel that we should strive to get more out of life and work than what we have. I am embarking upon a journey. A journey to link productivity and creativity together with a real work life balance. That is attempting to make sense of trying to work as a freelance writer. I want to move beyond the status quo. I want to engage in another sector all together. One as a freelance worker. Whether that next career is driven by blogs, articles or whatever doesn’t really matter. What matters to me is achieving something outside of the everyday that I can be proud of.

I have grown quite tired of the constant interruptions from work. After hours calls and now overtures to work the second shift. Work the second shift? What about my personal life? Does anyone remember that I have to take calls all night long to support their business? I mean…really. This is where we are. And so as I inch closer to making my decision public, I just want to know why things got to this point?

When I explained my position to remove problem employees, that fell on deaf ears. And now it has come to pass that those same employees are causing issues that are hampering our ability to operate the site. I was made to feel as if I jumped the gun. Made to feel as if I got it all wrong. And now I am being asked to give up time with my family to babysit the bad actors and ensure they are following through with the things they are being paid to do. To this I say no!

And so tomorrow, when my boss comes in to discuss the internal conversations the higher ups are having about the site that I am working at, I will give him a brush off answer. I will let them know at the end of next week of my intentions to separate from the organization. There are no hard feelings. I think I really needed to experience this type of role before working on my own as a contractor. Self employment is a viable future for me and I am going to give it my full attention. I need to leave in order to do this and they are really giving me every reason to leave immediately. I have one account lined up and that is the starting point. I want to make this happen now. Why? Because the time is now!


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