Draining the life-blood from your body

So do you work for an organization that only cares about their bottom line? An organization with few solid rules in place other than to make the bottom line numbers look good? I came into some information with my soon to be ex-employer. They want to cut spending and overtime and to then have people leave early if possible. But if you impact profits by sending people home they will jump up and down and say you didn’t have enough coverage. The overtime is the funny one for me. The owner of the company decreed that he wanted all of the facilities to be open on Saturday’s. When I last looked at my calendar, Saturday is the 6th day of the work week and hence any time worked by an hourly employee is overtime.

Then of course there are the petty issues with people who just don’t want to earn a paycheck. And so we chase and chase and chase. I wank away amazed at the lack of desire to just do their jobs. I have never worked with a few of these guys who just don’t want to do any work whatsoever to earn their paycheck. I am going to be quite relieved when I get out of there.

And then of course there are all the after hours calls. This is really going to be something I jump up and down about getting rid of. Instead of spending time perfecting blog posts about things that matter, I find myself writing about my frustrations so I can purge this negative energy out of my body before I go to sleep. My last day with this organization can’t come soon enough.


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