Moving forward with dissension in the ranks

So I have provided notice to my company. And of course, the biggest contract that I lined up so far has fallen through. Looks like it was indeed too good to be true. So I am moving forward with only a temporary gig lined up so far. I am seriously interested in drop shipping. I’ve got more than a clue on how to get it done and the Supply Chain and Operations Management background to succeed doing it. I also have the finances to get it done. Now is the time to set it up right and make it happen.

I am going to take a few weeks off starting next week to spend with the family. I think while we are away, I am going to start getting the online store set up on E-bay and also see what I can do with Amazon. I think I can make that happen.

There is of course a parallel path as a writer. I am still more than interested in writing content for companies that need it. The game is of course getting your foot in the door. I am committed to making this happen. We need the flexibility of home based employment and of course a second income coming into the house. None of this is lost on me. Maybe on someone else in the house, but not me. I am feeling confident that I can make this work and on a scale like no other we have experienced. I can’t wait to produce consistent results that will make everything work for us and get us back to the 808 area code by 2017!


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