Looking forward to starting the process

Now I know this may sound like the same old thing. But I have actually been approached with a potential part time role as a contractor. Best thing is…it is a work from home role. I checked the company out and they appear to be legit. But they have some questions for me. The way I see it is this: this role can be the starting point of my career launch as an independent contractor. If I can get this in place, I would then have time this summer to blog and write articles to fill up my time as well as to complete the information I purchased from that writing work shop online. All this, if executed upon by me, would position me to work from home on a full time basis.

These are exciting times as far as I’m concerned. But I need to get the work lined up. Most of the writing gigs I’ve come across don’t pay squat so I can’t depend on those as a primary source of income. This is all the more reason for me to get something else in place like this independent contractor role with a language company to evaluate social media rankings. It seems like a pretty straight forward role and something that can be the basis for me to launch my career as a contractor. Again, a start and not the end all be all. I can’t imagine it paying all that much, but at this point all I’m after is something to be the amino acid to form the muscles needed for me to get this career as a contractor on track. I can see this helping me to secure other roles that can then get me to a point where I have enough of a critical mass built to both feel good about what I am doing and to also demonstrate to the lookers’ on that this isn’t another crazy scheme. There will certainly be more to follow. I am excited! I just hope it works out.


Getting the work schedule lined out

I’ve come to realize something that will be critical to my success. All the hours being spent away from working and commuting is valuable time I am not able to do what I want. That is to write for a living. I have outlined a separation date from my employer. Of course they don’t know yet, but they should. The job isn’t worth the aggravation. 50 hours at a minimum each week plus being on call after hours. There simply aren’t enough incentives for me to continue on with this employer past next month. My separation will coincide with a road trip so those two weeks away will be spent clearing my head and getting in the right frame of mind to deliver quality content.

I still need to identify sites where I can become a contributor. Then of course finding who will pay for my efforts. I don’t see working for pennies per word. But we all have to start somewhere right? I am also holding out hope that a better situation presents itself that will still allow me to be home based. Going back to an old employer has been suggested, but I’m not sure either side really has the appetite for a return. It would be fair to say I should have never left them. If the relocation that we planned worked out, I wouldn’t be in this situation now. In any case, that is on the shelf and I have to move forward. Moving forward begins with consistently writing blog posts here. It continues with separating from the current job and making time to source new opportunities. I will make it happen.

I hope my wife is as excited about this new challenge I am undertaking as I am. Ultimately, it will benefit everyone when it works out. No more eating dinner at 8:00 PM because that’s the way things are. And so now, I have to cut this post short…I have to drive an hour to go to work.

Feeling energized

I can see the path ahead. But the obstacles are many and the detractors are wagging their tongues at every thought. I realize I am on my own, but this is doable. First thing is first. I must leave this no future job I am in to make time for writing. I can take that 50 hours each week I spend beating my head against the wall for a pittance and use that time to lay the foundation needed to get my writing career off the ground. I know what has to be done. I need to carve out the time to do it. Yes, posting regularly is a small part of the picture. I have to keep it real…keep it productive and most importantly, keep it moving.

Published another article. On my way to making it happen!

I got another article published on essayshark.com. Pay is not good at all, but the month of May is all about laying the foundation to what will become my future career as a copywriter. I love to write and I had that aha moment awhile ago. I just wasn’t ready to commit to it until this year. I guess it took coming back to New Jersey to understand why I need to make it work now. Not only would this be a watershed moment for us as a family, we can get back to having a resource at home during the day to make sure things are happening the way they need to here. I am that resource. After 20 years of working for someone else, the time has come for me to work for me.

I am seeing many good jobs out there for part time bloggers. The time is now for me to start securing the work I need to make it happen. I also have some other articles to submit for publication. The money doesn’t matter in May so much as being able to build my portfolio so I can become more marketable as a writer. I have forsaken my writing ability for too long. The time is now for me to make it happen…

Hello world!

Well this is the start of what I hope will be a long lasting career as a copywriter. There are too many not for real sites out there looking to make a quick buck on people like myself and others who only want to improve their situations by trying something new. All I want to do is transition to working from home on a full time basis. The trick is of course finding something that will also allow me to earn an income. Still have to work and support the family, so just quitting the job and hanging out ain’t gonna cut it. I need to make the time to do this right.

Of course if you want to make the time, you also need to have time. With a busy schedule and a spouse working at night, it can be tough to manage. There are always options and if you want to find success, well there are sacrifices that must be made. I’d love to find a career that allows me to be completely home based with minimal travel requirements. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options out there that will make that a reality. Copy writing is one of those options. The game is of course to get the opportunities lined up to get your name and work out there. Well that of course will require working for next to nothing. And that is what May is all about. Hopefully only May and not a any part of June. I am committed to leaving my job by the middle of June. I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t want to leave now. Working for this company is horrible. To think I got off the beach in Hawaii and came back to New Jersey to put up with what I put up with. Mind you the wife and kids had a lot to do with it. But we are here now and the time has come to make some changes. Starting with getting this career off the ground. So I need to get reconditioned and begin to burn the midnight oil like old times. There are choices…like lying awake at night and wondering if I should just try and make this work or go back to the company I worked for before I left for Hawaii. Or we can move forward and make this work. Let’s get it done. The journey is just beginning. I’m excited, scared, anxious and I think ready to make it happen.